MightyRC - An affordable smart controller for all your appliances
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    Just wave to control your appliances
    No smart phone required, just use hand gestures to control your appliances!
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    MightyRC easily helps you to achieve a smart home
    Built-in Infrared, Bluetooth, and wireless technology. Affordable and comprehensive solution for your household.
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    Compatible with all your home appliances
    MightyRC  supports Chromecast, Apple TV, DLNA, Philips Hue, Lamp, Outlets, TV, Home theater, and audio/video devices.

Mighty features and operations

Helps you reduce the number of remotes and swtiches.
Gives you an instant way to control your appliances!

Upgrade existing appliances to powerful smart devices

Using your existing home appliances; you can control your home entertainment devices, lights, air conditioners, and other devices.


The MightyRC package includes outlet switches. Just plug in your appliances to control them in a smarter way.


MightyRC can control devices based on proximity or timer, no more worrying about forgetting to turn off your appliances.

Architecture of MightyRC is flexible and open

MightyRC provides multiple ways to control entertainment devices, home appliances, and third party services, or applications.


You can associate your installed iOS/Android applications to a MightyRC activity.

Mighty Gesture can be customized for each application.




Hand Gesture

Proximity Sensor


High Performance LED

Radio Frequency

433 MHz

Temperature Sensor

0°C to 70°C

Outlet Switch

max. 1200W 10A


AA x 4


Diameter:7.8cm Height: 6.7cm

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